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“Kalamuna feedback has been great ammo for helping push some hot customer-focused topics forward!”

Christopher Stevens Full Stack Web Developer
at Space Foundation
Christopher Stevens, Full Stack Web Developer <br>at Space Foundation at Space Foundation


Space Foundation’s unwieldy website brings together multiple programs with different audiences under the aegis of a single, large, website. They requested guidance on how to restructure their web presence to better serve their audience, and increase donations and traffic.


  • Recommended a new information architecture with a user-centered approach to navigation.
  • Revised their nomenclature for programs and memberships, and produced a content strategy guide for how to write for the website.
  • Developed personas to drive analysis and creative work.
  • Conducted traffic analysis to correlate user behavior.


Space Foundation has a blueprint that has informed and streamlined their internal redesign efforts that includes:

  • Hosting infrastructure improvements that have led to dramatic performance and workflow improvements, and increased mobile, tablet and international retention.
  • A clearer information architecture with a more direct path to donations and sponsorships.
  • Recommendations for better content prioritization and design best practices.
  • Design recommendations for navigation and key components.

Things we did

  • Google analytics
  • personas
  • user research
  • wireframes
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