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“The Kalamuna development team worked with our staff to build the initial version of Webspark. The current version is now live on over 2,000 websites. Kalamuna's technical expertise was instrumental to our successful launch.”

Ron Page Senior Director,
University Technology Office
Ron Page, Senior Director, <br>University Technology Office at Arizona State University


ASU came to Kalamuna with a plethora of fragmented, disjointed sites for various departments, faculty pages, and professor blogs. They needed a way to empower their site builders to create attractive, on-brand Drupal sites within hours, not weeks.


  • Kalamuna worked in tandem with Pantheon Systems to plan for and develop a flexible distribution that could be easily spun up on Pantheon One by ASU staff.
  • We provided all the basic tools needed for sitebuilding with a pre-installed Panopoly core, which greatly enhances the site administrator’s content editing and prioritizing experience.
  • We built a tailored version of Kalatheme, our Boostrap-powered Drupal theme that provides and augmented the drag-and-drop experience. Resulting ASU-branded designs look great on mobile, desktop, and any other device.
  • A push-button installation gets developers from nothing to substance in a matter of minutes.
  • We took care of the single sign on (SSO) and SSL requirements for ASU, making it that much easier for departments to have a shippable product.


  • 350 ASU websites powered by or being developed with WebSpark, with more being built every day!
  • Helped increase ASU’s number of mobile-ready responsive sites.
  • Push-button deployment saves hundreds of IT hours every year.
  • Standardization streamlines support.

Things we did

  • Drupal
  • installation profile
  • Kalatheme
  • Panopoly
  • Features
  • Magic
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