We’re Sponsoring Your Cause at DrupalCon Nashville

By Shannon O'Malley,
Photo of Kalamuna members at donation conference booth.

People who make Drupal tend to be pretty good folk. And while we Drupalistas aren’t out collectively waving our do-gooder flags, the community has powered sites for countless organizations solving important problems around the world. And we want that to continue. So this year, at DrupalCon Nashville, we hope to enliven the conversation about Drupal’s role as “tech for good,” and showcase its history as a platform for social change-makers. As part of that, we’re donating to the nonprofit of your choice when you visit our booth (#716.) Here's more on why we're fired-up about #Drupal4Good:


While the Drupal community has generally always been a friend to schools, nonprofits and civic organizations, given current events, it’s the perfect time to talk with one another about how Drupal is and can continue to be a force for good. So, at DrupalCon, we’re stoking conversation about #Drupal4Good at our booth by inviting visitors to write a message to their favorite nonprofit on our booth wall. When you take a photo of your message and tag your organization on Twitter or Facebook, we’ll donate to that group. It’s an easy way to show these important organizations that the Drupal community is behind them.


A Little History

We’ve done this before, as an experiment with great success. When we held a booth at the Bay Area Drupal Camp in October 2017, we wanted to make use of the event and our “swag budget” in a way that would amplify our individual and collective values, and support groups on the front lines of positive change. Thus the Wall of Force was built, upon which everyone wrote words of thanks to their beneficiary.

Team members tally donations from our booth at The Bay Area Drupal Camp 2017.

Project Manager Kristin Sartain and Lead Engineer Rob Loach tally donations from our booth at The Bay Area Drupal Camp 2017.


We’re continuing this new use of our sponsor booth, in part because it’s a reflection of what we do every day with our clients: by helping mission-driven organizations transform society through our design, strategy and technology work, we are, in effect, amplifying their voices. And we’re also doing it because, well, the world needs help, not swag.

So come visit our DrupalCon booth in April and write a message to your favorite organization on our wall. Tell us who you support and why. Tell us how you’re using #Drupal4Good. And if you’re at a loss as to who to promote at our booth, check out some of these popular beneficiaries of our BADCamp booth event:

logos of some of our donation recipients: EFF, the Red Cross, GLAAD, the Humane Society, Planned Parenthood, and Feeding America

Find us in the Music City Center, between the Drupal Association table and the Games Area.  We are at booth 716.

Drupalcon sponsor hall floor plan

Shannon O'Malley

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