We stand against injustice and inequality. And, we’re here to do the work.

By Andrew Mallis,

George Floyd’s murder has deservedly sparked the flame of social unrest. Rodney King, Oscar Grant, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor,  and countless more cases known and unknown continue to highlight the systemic and institutional racism that American capitalism depends upon.

Our very participation in the systems that breed oppression make us complicit. Society must change. Lives are at stake.

Change Comes from Within

We’ve looked inwards before issuing a statement, and made concrete commitments to improve our hiring process, and build more accountability towards achieving diversity goals.

While our inclusivity policy touts equality and non-discrimination, representation on our team by Black members remains woefully inadequate. I was convinced our Oakland roots would result in a different make-up for our team, but something is wrong. Results matter.

We will begin a practice of reporting on the diversity of our membership quarterly to increase accountability towards our goals (e.g. equality data.herokuapp.com). Our job postings are being reviewed externally to help eliminate any bias or ableist language. We are reviewing our application processes and identifying job boards with the most diverse communities.

We have created a slack channel where we actively continue to share resources, converse, and educate ourselves. Following our all-hands town hall, our Culture Committee is working to hold space for continued conversation, and we will enlist help to workshop our understanding.

Supporting the Movement

Kalamuna stands in solidarity with the Black community, protestors, activists, and citizens everywhere taking a stand right now. We know action will change hearts and minds and hope this change will urgently reform some institutions, and dismantle others. We hope for huge, permanent change. 

Our digital agency works every day to support mission-driven organizations. We will continue to use our social platforms to amplify in solidarity the messages of individuals and organizations fighting for racial equality.

In addition to matching individual donations to the organizations team members feel are best supporting the movement, we support any member who needs to step back/step  up to protest. 

I am pledging Kalamuna staff time, and our team is matching that in volunteer time to assist with the technical uplift of a project that will help further empower this movement. We’re looking for front-line organizations to tell us what they need, and will be reaching out to ask. We’ve carved out about 400 hours of pro-bono time. Interested organizations can email ceo@kalamuna.com.

On behalf of Team Kalamuna,

Andrew Mallis

Andrew Mallis

CEO & Co-founder

Kalamuna's cleanly creator solves conceptual and programmatic problems of all shapes and sizes. If you don't want to collaborate with a real-life artist, go somewhere else, because this eclectic digital strategist wants to engage clients in building revolutionary websites that "wow" the internet into sweet, sweet submission.