Sessions From the Great Wide Drupal North

By The Kalamuna Team,
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We were honored to have two members of our team present sessions at Drupal North this past June in the beautiful and vibrant city of Montreal, Canada.  Drupal North is an annual,  free, three-day conference focusing on Drupal-related topics and the community that drives the Drupal Project forward.

We were pleased to make new connections while also reconnecting with friends and peers. As always, it was also a privilege to be given the opportunity to share our expertise.

Case Study: The All New

Crispin Bailey
Director of UX + Design

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), established in 1921, is an amazing organization that advocates on behalf of visually impaired persons, providing community, resources and opportunities.

This talk covered the process we went through to overhaul the site's messaging, content architecture, and visual design, culminating in a fully-responsive HTML prototype and style guide that was used to implement a brand new, fully-accessible, Drupal 8 website.

Goodbye Drupal 8, Hello Gather Content + Static Site

Andrew Mallis

Our client, the deYoung Museum, had an ambitious design project scope with tight timelines on delivery that required us to be nimble and innovative. This talk covered the team’s journey, how we repurposed GatherContent as a CMS, and how we automated deployments via its workflow states using Circle CI and Netlify.

It also looks at the components architectures that more greatly empowered our client to own their digital stories, and author them to the point where received a Webby Honoree award.

Google Analytics 201

Andrew Mallis

Google Analytics provides a richness of data giving insight to a user’s needs and behaviors once they’re on your site. However, the amount of data it presents can be disorienting, leaving users unable to focus on key metrics, or misrepresenting the implications of critical indicators in relation to their goals.

In this talk, Andrew Mallis presented best practices to access the clearest, and most useful analytics data necessary to better tell your story.
We hope you find these talks helpful and insightful, and we look forward to seeing you at future events.


Kalamuna Team

Kalamuna partners with socially impactful institutions, associations, agencies, and governments to help them solve today’s most pressing problems. We do this by empowering them with the research, strategy, design, and technology that will transform their organizations so they can better serve the needs of their audiences and communities.