Prototype to Drupal Site: A Design-First Approach to Building Modern Drupal Websites

By Crispin Bailey,
Image of a drawn paper airplane flying

Interested in online style guides and static site prototyping? This year at the Drupal North conference in Toronto, I spoke on the topic, and we’ve got the video of the presentation right here. I'm hoping that by watching you'll understand how you can quickly develop the front-end of your digital product and deliver overall better work with our prototyping tool, Kalastatic.


Designing large custom websites can be daunting, but prototyping can help reduce the risk of costly rework by allowing testing and stakeholder feedback cycles to happen earlier and more often. In this video you’ll find out how to improve your end product and speed up front-end development with our prototyping tool, Kalastatic. It’s a flexible, open-source framework for building static prototypes and living style guides that integrates with Drupal.




Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, you can hit me up at or on Twitter at @cspin

Crispin Bailey

Director of Design & UX

When website requirements get daunting, Kalamuna dispatches Commander Crispin Bailey to lead the charge. His inviolable mission: to secure air-tight, accessible online victories for our clients and their audiences. As a seasoned digital strategy expert, Crispin masterfully and gracefully coordinates the savvy Kalamuna design and technical forces to ultimate triumph.