Political activists at the tech conference

By The Kalamuna Team,
Photo of person in front of our BADCamp sponsor booth

This October at the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp,) we soaked up Drupal talks, gave a few of our own, high-fived friends, and fomented literary political activism. How? In line with this year’s circus theme, we turned our sponsor booth into a place for BADCampers to step right up...and send messages to their elected representatives. It was also a chance for folks to talk with others about those messages and direct our swag budget to one of three nonprofits. Find out who BADCampers wrote to, what they had to say, and which nonprofits got our swag money.


But, it’s a tech conference…

BADCamp is a place for Drupalisas to Drupal out. But, obviously, there’s more going on in the world outside of our conference, and we use our Drupal skills to affect change in that world. So, we brought the outside into BADCamp, enabling attendees to write postcards to their elected representatives about issues that matter to them, which we pinned to our booth wall and later mailed.



Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JIRqQbixyaBZdanFHLJyB4tHHcqeGxifnmHbaGfBqCnHK-NfTeSJKz6p_h4n_3Iv5PjvK9mNcBBvH6vM8sJ0XeAzwQK_uuGWWNPjEG-jTSuwuZm__-zYf1IwI7Z9QvO-R7NfJx8Z

Project Manager Kristin Sartain and Director of Technology Rob Loach affix tape to attendees’ postcards


Description: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/QuHGaWDavoFqAMegmxOQ9MuH-qN--tP_OTxp_kcyFC0OX7jBcWO22Uza4sl0BhaiwXjvRVk67yldIGKQ7d2de9r-8hOseo26aQmmyb5VhytglAYFi4iwUI_cFXJzYlPlLYoVFGjL

Some of the blank postcards we offered BADCampers


Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/aStDBrHkNNu4xVltBSbx4gIFQHRIxNaH93Z39wW4HMcBs1yR6bV6PQOKjwgLMBVi3Mt_kdNE44NKs-2kLxboxdwycQVJFyIFgDyJCZm3LNxXgRBMy2G7c_XO-hvkiK61b5Kj9fno

Support technologist Meg Epperly raises her fist in front of our BADCamp booth wall.