Join Kalamuna for a Free Half-Day Virtual Event on October 28

By Lily Berman,
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On Thursday, October 28 from 9 am - 12 pm Pacific Time, Kalamuna will be cohosting a free Nonprofit Technology Virtual Summit. Anyone working for a mission-driven organization is welcome to attend.

Register on Eventbrite to discover how technology can scale your impact and reduce your team’s workload. Alongside your peers, ideate solutions to your most pressing technology challenges. Expand your professional network. And, speak directly to experts on topics like choosing a content management system, marketing automation, and more. 

This year's a little different

Historically, the Nonprofit Technology Summit has been part of the Bay Area Drupal Camp (or BADCamp). Kalamuna is deeply rooted in this event as organizers, speakers, and sponsors. While we understood when BADCamp announced there would be no formal event this year, we still wanted to contribute.

Two members of the Kalamuna team stand in front of their 2019 BADCamp booth
Members of the Kalamuna team stand in front of their 2019 BADCamp booth.

When our Nonprofit Technology Summit co-organizers at TechSoup, Rootid, and Upmetrics asked if we still wanted to help organize the summit again this year, our answer was a resounding yes. We’ve been meeting with them regularly since last fall. Together, we’ve crafted an event that will cut through Zoom fatigue and be deeply valuable and engaging for participants. 

Register for this free event 

Again, anyone at a mission-driven organization is welcome. Whether or not you work for a 501(c)3, we would love to see you there. Please share this invite with anyone in your network who might like to attend as well. 

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Lily Berman

Strategic Account Manager

As our strategic account manager, Lily ensures Kalamuna delivers on what matters most. She is passionate about building authentic connections, translating tech into English, and using the web for good. Ask her about walking across the country leading a sustainability nonprofit or facilitating literature discussions with incarcerated men. Or, even better, tell her your story.