Healthy Relationships for Developers: A Guide for a Lifetime of Companionship

By Alec Reynolds,

We were brought up to believe that a true friend does whatever he or she can to ease the suffering of daily life. Find out how Kalabox can bring joy back into your workflow and be the perfect companion for development life.

What is Kalabox?

It’s an integrated workflow solution for developers. It helps you test, code and go live faster than ever by automating basic tasks, eliminating unneeded development environments, providing a standardized development platform for your team, and giving you access to cutting-edge technologies in an efficient, highly-customizable architecture. I hope you’ll find the tips below useful in letting Kalabox into your life -- and your heart.

#1 Let Your Special Friend Save You Time in the Development Process

Allow Kalabox into your life and discover that companion who will save you time when it really matters: in the development process.

Illustration of two people holding a geometric shape between them walking into sunset

Tired of pulling down new database copies and instantiating new sites on your local computer? Kalabox lends a helping hand by integrating with your favorite hosting platforms to allow push-button provisioning of sites. Get working on new and existing projects in minutes.

Delight in surrender.

#2 Embrace the Development Tools You Deserve

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to love ourselves. Isn’t it time to hug yourself and let Kalabox give you the development tools you deserve?

Beyond offering basics like Git and Drush, Kalabox provides a pluggable architecture that allows you to integrate with other dev power tools. With users regularly contributing new plugins, your team can get tools like Grunt, integrations with services like TravisCI, and the ability to customize and extend Kalabox apps to your needs.

#3 Date Night: Eliminating Unneeded Remote Environments

Kalabox keeps things hot by eliminating unneeded remote environments. Get Drush, Solr, Redis and cuddling any night of the week.

On your Kalabox date night, you’ll push development boundaries and try new things without impacting shared dev environments or wasting money creating new ones. Kalabox also eases the redeployment of your work to shared testing and production environments. And you can install complex services like Solr and Redis as part of the pluggable architecture so you can test all of your applications locally.

#4 Open Your Heart to a Standardized Development Workflow

We build walls around our hearts by maintaining unique workflow environments. When you open up to Kalabox, you save time and money by working with others using the same tools.

Have you ever debugged a new contractor’s local environment to get them working on your application? What about the time you needed to debug a site using PHP 5.5, but half your team hadn’t upgraded their locals from 5.3? Kalabox provides your team with highly customizable, standardized application stacks that install seamlessly.

#5 Ignite Passion with Containerization Technology

It’s hard to maintain that spark. And when your dev environments are slow to respond to your needs (blazing fast page loads + speedy CLI tools) the flower of your love wilts.

Kalabox will quicken your pulse (and your local performance) with the containerized infrastructure of Docker. Unlike traditional virtualized development solutions, Kalabox allows per-app customization. You can emulate multiple hosting platforms, create custom infrastructure for your apps, and use pre-made apps from Kalabox’s ecosystem.

#6 Make the Choice to Fully Live

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Alec Reynolds


When his long-standing interest in programming and this "internet thing" became relevant to his entrepreneurial inclinations, Alec found himself helping launch a series of startups. This experience has provided Alec with a deep understanding of young businesses and the product development process, where he participates from the code to the customer.